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July 30, 2016

Tranny Cams! Check them out right now! And I love to watch an amazing tranny on cam and this website also has a ton of the sexiest trannys on cam. You can watch for free! Some allow you to chat for free! But most of all you can tip these girls and make them go wild. Also dont forget when you tip them you make a friend.

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Big cock Tranny! And a Damn short skirt!

April 4, 2017

Big cock Tranny! And a Damn short skirt! So you like a big cock tranny? How about an amazing and sexy short skirt? Also long legs? Well Blondie Johnson has all that and also a hell of a lot more.

Because this big cock tranny has such a hot body you really going to enjoy watching her videos and photos. And while you do you are going to realize that you can not keep your own cock out of your hand.

Your also going to want to stroke her off as much as she will permit.

Big Cock Tranny

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Blonde Shemale! Blondie Johnson

March 28, 2017

Blonde Shemale! Blondie Johnson! So you are interested in a hot Blonde Shemale! Then I would like to introduce you to Blondie Johnson! This stunning tranny also loves to be bald. Yes thats right I said Bald. She shaves her head from time to time. And she also goes with her beautiful blonde hair. Thats the reason she is listed here as a Blonde Shemale.

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Blonde Shemale

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Ana Mancini, Angeles Cid and A lucky guy!

March 15, 2017

Ana Mancini, Angeles Cid and A lucky guy! In addition to being a hot scene, this is also filled with two of the biggest tranny stars. Yes that is Ana Mancini and Angeles Cid in the vide and they are both world famous. So get your cocks out and get ready to enjoy these amazing ladies.

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Can You Get My Tranny Cock Hard

January 3, 2017

I was asked to do a series of photos where I’m not totally hard.  This isn’t easy for me to do….lol.  I was semi-hard, and did the best I could for a while.  I found it really fun NOT being hard. Seeing the pictures afterwards showed how sexy a semi-erection can look like.  Once we were done with the set, you better believe I got hard almost immediately and spent the rest of the shoot masturbating furiously until I shot a geyser all over myself.  Now THAT was a fun day!


Look what’s peaking out at you…


Do you like my tight tranny ass?


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Big Cock Tranny! Blondie Johnson spread!

September 5, 2016

Big Cock Tranny Blondie Johnson spread! Yes baby that’s me in the photo! I an quite spread and yes I do have a Big cock. You said you wanted to see a Big cock Tranny so here she is hun. Spread wide and ready for you to play with. Also with some nice big boobs on her. :) I know you love big boobs and want more of both the big cock and the boobs. Now lets talk about the kind of cock you like. Tranny cock of course. Big or small? I have a rather large and fat cock as you can see. Have you ever had one like mine? Do you have the Big cock trannys to be circumcised? I dont mind the extra skin when I suck cock. How about you? To me it adds to the pleasure.

Big Cock Tranny

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Brunette Tranny! Sexy or not?

August 31, 2016

Brunette Tranny! Do you find a brunette tranny to be more sexy than a Blonde tranny? Most of the time I am bald. But from time to time I let my hair grow. Then Im a brunette tranny with a big cock. I also like to be a blonde tranny some times. Blondes do have fun. But now I want to know what you prefer! Brunette tranny or Blonde? Tall or not? I think most men like Brunettes as we are the most common.

Check out the photo I have posted below and let me know what you think! As a Brunette do I look better? Which turns you on more? In the members area of my site you can find and enjoy the rest of this set. Also you will find a lot of movies that your going to love. Just join right now to get started!

Brunette Tranny

How long do you like a trannys hair to be? Some men like to play with it. Also some men like them with short hair. I personally like it in the middle. Not too long but also not overly short. So why do I keep my head shaved most of the time? Its exotic as hell and men love it.

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Oiled Tranny! Top to bottom cock to nipples!

August 25, 2016

Oiled Tranny! Want to slip and slide on me? I want you to let me know if you have ever had the pleasure of Oil play. Getting naked with an oiled tranny can be one of the most exciting things ever! Also let me know if you have ever oiled a tranny! We like to play and men that are inventive are more fun. So get off your ass and come up with something!

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In the photo below I am oiled and hard and ready for some action. Also If you want to get hard with me, Comment here. Tell me all about it. You can stroke your cock while you do. I want to hear it.

Come on baby I know you can do it because you want to.

Oiled Tranny

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Wet Tranny Cock. In the shower or covered in Cum!

August 18, 2016

Wet Tranny Cock! How wet do you like it? And wet with what? Water or Cum or both? Personally I don’t care as long as it slips and slides! Are you ready for some wet tranny cock to play with? Or would you rather just watch? I do like men that want to watch. I also like men that want to participate! Tell us what you think. Comment and let us know. Also tell us what you want to see. I don’t know what to post unless you do!

In the photo below I was getting ready to shower and decided to just get in! Also I thought it might look a good bit sexy in the lingerie! Tell me what you think. Let me know if you find it hot or not. I want you to get hot. Please Also get hard. I need you to cum. I know that you want to cum looking at some hot wet tranny cock! So enjoy mine in this photo. Join me now for more!

Wet Tranny Cock

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Tranny Ass and Cock with Blondie Johnson.

August 6, 2016

Tranny Ass and Cock! How often do you go looking for some amazing tranny ass and cock? Me? I go at least once a week looking. Do I fund it? Yep. I sure as hell do. How about you? But I know what blogs to read and what sites to check out to find the hottest tranny ass and cock. Do you?

Well of course you do. We all know to come to this blog and also all the ones listed in the menu here on the site. We also know that these are blogs worth visiting, and commenting on. So make sure to comment here on my blog as well as all the others. My girlfriends will love you for it.

Now lets get down to the topic. Tranny Ass and Cock! Also What is it you are looking for? Big ass? Big cock or both? Also what type of boobs are you looking for. Big? Medium or small? Mine are mostly in the middle of big and medium. Let me know what you think. Please also tell me if you like my cock. In the photo below I have my cock pulled back by my tight round ass. Is this a post you like? Do you want to see more of it?

Tranny Ass

Due to wanting my fans to be happy I try and take photos that you want. So comment here please as well as in my website. Let me know what turns you on. Let me know what gets you hard. Make sure to share with me as much as you can. I want you hard! I need you to cum looking at me. Because when you are hard and you cum. I am hard and I cum hard. Really hard. Since we both love tranny ass and cock lets cum together. Join Me right now!


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